Loginet Network Availability is 100%. If Customer

experiences Network Unavailability for more than 15 consecutive minutes, Customer will

receive, at request, seven (7) day Service Credit. Customer will receive at request also

(7) day Service Credit for each hour of Network Unavailability in any calendar month

started from second hour Network Unavailability.


 Loginet network latency is network transit delay for a standard 54-byte

ping from the customer premise equipment to any Loginet upstream provider network edge.

The Network Latency for packets carried over the Loginet

Network between the following regions is as specified below:

North America (Trans-Atlantic) : 140 milliseconds or less

Europe: 50 milliseconds or less

Intra Country (Estonia) : 2 milliseconds or less

One (1) day Service Credit will be issued at request for any documented Latency issue.


Loginet Packet Delivery is 99,9% for any given month. Packet

Delivery will be determined as an average of actual packet delivery as a percentage of

total packets.  One (1) day Service Credit will be issued at request for any documented Packet Delivery issue.


All credits will be credited towards the next months charges. The maximum credit wich

will be issued during any month is 100% of the monthly rate.


Credits will not be issued for

a) If requests for credit not made by Customer within 14 days of the event;

b) Service outages or performance issues not documented by Loginet;

c) If network maintenance performed during the standard maintenance window (01.00

to 5:00 +GMT2 ) and customer is notified via Email at least two (2) business days in

advance of any maintenance that is affecting Customer service;

d) Failure of customer equipment;

e) Carrier outages affecting an entire area or region by events beyond Loginet's

reasonable control.;

f) Any interruption of service due to a violation of Contract terms and conditions.;

g) Any reasons of Force Majeure such as natural diststers or Acts of God.;