Using email2fax

Sending a fax with email

To send a fax email, you need inform operator of your domain or email aadress which you are going to send fax from and  create an email with the following mandatory elements:

• To:

• Subject: The subject line is used by the system to determine the numbers you wish to send the fax to. This line can only contain the destination fax number (6309310 or 003706309310) or several fax numbers separated by blanks (e.g. 6309310 6309310 6309310).

• The email body: Leave this field empty. • Attachments: The actual fax content is taken from the attachment by the system. There are three types of supported attachments: JPEG, PDF, and TIFF. If an unsupported file is attached, the system will fail to send the fax.

After emailing, you will receive an email where you will need to confirm sending.

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