Free website migration

Free site migration

1. We provide transfer of your website when switching from another hosting provider on the following conditions:

  • We transfer websites as part of  Business or Webpro hosting packages paid at least 1 year period
  • We transfer websites in the order of the general queue, but no longer than 5 days. After providing the source data, our technical support service will inform you exact timing of the website migration
  • Free website migration is carried out during a small load of technical support
  • We do not guarantee full functionality after site migration if the website has non-standard hosting requirements
  • At your previous hosting, at least 5 days left paid period left. In case you have less than 5 days left, let us know in the comment to the order so that our technical support tries to migrate your website as quickly as possible

2. Emergency or non-standard website migration within the  IT-support agreement

  • In terms of free migration we don't make full testing of your website, which is your responsibility
  • In terms of free migration, we do not customize the scripts of your website. If you find that your website is not working correctly, you can report it to tech support. If this problem is related to the individual account settings for your website, we will correct the necessary settings. If the problem is due to the malfunction of the script, technical support will be able to solve this only within  IT-support agreement or as part of a one-time paid service
  • Emergency or a non-standard site migration is possible only within IT-support agreement or as part of a one-time paid service. To order kindly contact our technical support service.

3. Hosting technical support does not provide support services for your website

The technical support department of Loginet does not provide support for your website but migration assistance only.

If you need website permanent or one-time support, you can order an additional IT-support service or as part of a one-time paid service and our web development department will handle your website.

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